HOP-HOP! A Blog from Sunshine Ruby

Baby silver bunny sits in a metal pot with red flowers and greenery

I sure do love spring, green grass, and kids! My name is
Sunshine Ruby, and I am ONE happy rabbit! You’ll find me in
the wagon near the barnyard! Just last night, I got to enjoy
watching our guests in the Carriage House count the bright stars
in the sky, roast marshmallows over a warm fire, and catch a firefly
or two (that was quite entertaining)! Here in about three weeks,
I’ll get to hop on over to the big bunny pen where the grown-up
bunnies and ducks are. From there, I get to see the deer in the
meadow graze every evening. The fainting goats are also so
much fun to observe!

Silouhuettes of 3 kids squatting and standing by a river with the sun shining off of it

Although my siblings and I are very quiet, we probably enjoy
our guests the most! Easter is right around the corner,
and oh-my-my how we bring BIG SMILES to many faces! Springtime
means a lot at Country Woods Inn. From throwing a fishing pole
into the Paluxy, collecting fossils on an adventurous trail walk,
to a beautiful stroll to our downtown shopping and dining area!
All of this ON foot! This time of year is always perfect for
making memories with friends and family!

A field of bluebonnets in front of a small mountain with blue sky

On your next visit, please stop by and say hello to our family
here at CWI! Don’t forget about our bluebonnet field in late spring.
Our Chapel in the Woods holds the best view of the bluebonnets!
Especially during weddings, family reunions, and church retreats!
Again, I hope to see you strolling, walking, or hopping alongside
me very soon! Happy SPRINGTIME!

A small silver baby bunny lays on a red and black checkered blanket

Your happy-hoppity friend,
Sunshine Ruby!

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