Calling all Stargazers!

A beautiful constellation of stars against a dark blue sky creates a glow

These pictures were taken over our 12 acre meadow
by a guest recently! We have the perfect wide open space
for capturing pictures or just gazing in wonder
at the night skies above.

Bring your blanket, wine, favorite snacks,
binoculars or telescope and make it a
family occasion or a solo sabbatical…
both are good for the soul.

Many twinkling bright stars against a dark blue night sky

Homeschoolers, bring your students and learn about
constellations and the movements of the planets.
Deepen their understanding of astronomy and gain a
greater appreciation for the mechanics of the universe.

Stargazing in our meadow offers the chance to disconnect
from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and
appreciate the beauty of creation! Just spread out your blanket,
lie down, look at the night sky, and take in the majesty of the universe
and experience a sense of wonder and awe.


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