Nature is Fun for Families even in the Winter!

Family of 4 stands with walking sticks in winter apparelHow many lessons of faith and beauty we would lose if there were no winter in our year!

Like the berries, for everything there is a season and a timing…
don’t try to rush it

Like the grass, there is a quiet strength in humility

Like the tree, the qualify of self-offering is most important

Like the birds, there is beauty in simplicity

Like the forest, take time to renew and restore your energy

Come stay with us this February and enjoy nature’s sounds, smells and views.

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4 pre-teen girls sit in swings hanging from a tree while holding hotdogs around a campfire



Explore our walking trails through the woods and find treasures and fossils

Use sprigs from pine cone trees as a paint brush and create seasonal art

Make wreaths from winter greenery for your door

Have a winter-themed poetry tea time!

Do bark rubbings for your nature journal

Look for animal foraging signs

Make some treats for the birds with dried fruits and nuts

Count and name the constellations in the starry sky

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