Country Woods Inn Contact Information

Contact us using one of the following methods below. We will do our best to meet your needs and answer any questions you may have.


420 Grand Ave
Glen Rose, Texas 76043


  • After arriving inside the Glen Rose City limits, proceed to the downtown square
  • At the red light, take 144 South 1/4 mile and look for the small gas station in the fork of the road.
  • Stay left, then turn left on Grand Ave.
  • Turn left at Heritage Estates
  • Continue on Grand to end
  • Call for Gate Code (325-998-8632 or 817-279-3002)
  • Continue through the gate and you will see the farm house and cabins at the end of the lane
  • For the Chapel, Rail Car, Airstreams and Cabin in the Woods, turn right immediately
  • Only 45 minutes from Fort Worth/Dallas area!
Map of Country Woods Inn