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"My grandkids and I wanted you to know how much we love Country Woods Inn. I decided a few years ago that I would not give them “things” for Christmas, which are quickly outgrown and discarded, but and “experience with Nanna” instead. I love building the memories with them.

Last December, we took a trip to Country Woods Inn. This is their favorite memory making experience, by far. They are 5, 6 and 9 years old and have been asking to return almost every time I see them.

Last week, we had our first summer experience here. We fed animals, looked at the stars and full moon, attempted to catch a lizard, hiked the trails, toted things in the wagons, giggled while swinging on the hammocks, and made a side trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park. They loved every second and have already asked if this can be their Christmas present again this year.

Thank you for such a wonderful, kid-friendly place where I can bring my grandkids. I love that they are free to be kids here and explore, while enjoying Gods great outdoors!" ~Lynne
"Thomas Wolfe is wrong…you can go home again, and I did!" ~B. Bradley
"I always leave here a better mom." ~Barbara M.
"Who needs room service when you can make s’mores over your own campfire." ~H.L.
"It was wonderful to be in a place where doors didn’t need to be locked and windows didn’t need to be shut." ~Jan Wilson
"This is my sixth visit and I have found two new favorite things…reading on the bench in the woods and hearing raindrops on the Rail Car roof." ~Becky P.
"We were in awe of the work that has gone into these cabins. Fresh cookies on the table, walking sticks at the door, books, games…it was like being at home if anyone had a house that amazing." ~Carol
"I felt like Humpty Dumpty after his fall. But after a weekend here I feel put back together again." ~Ms. Wade
"We are now officially the coolest parents ever!" ~The Youngs
"I just wanted to thank you for preserving such a place to remember the true reality of our being on this earth." ~C. Farris
"The memories of our wedding cannot be measured… Absolutely amazing!" ~Candice and Jared
"My daughter has talked about Country Woods all year. Her reward for all of her reading was to go back there. You have certainly made an impression." ~T. Patrick
"If I had written a script of how I wanted the day to go it would have paled in comparison to the reality of the day." ~B. Matlock
"My children have never played and slept as hard as they did last night." ~The Schafners
"Here at Country Woods, we can sing and it doesn’t matter if we are off key, we can hoot and holler with laughter, we can walk in the meadow and pick wild flowers, and just for a while, we can remember who we really are…simply God’s child. No wonder I wanted to take a part of the weekend home with me. Thank you for a wonderful retreat" ~J. Stephens
"Deer came up this morning… such a beautiful reminder of our creator and the blessings he has given us. ~The Slaters
"Undoubtbly the most unique place we have ever stayed." ~A. B.
"What wonderful farm memories we will carry for a lifetime." ~The Sorrels
"What an awesome place~ a balm to the soul…" ~L.R.
"Wow!, love, love this place. Every detail is perfect!" ~S.D.
"Oh what fun we had climbing the mountains, exploring the trails and animals at the barn." ~K.O.
"Today we take with us the magic of a Camelot in Texas." ~Cynthia and Don
"My moment was seeing the sun rise and glisten across the dewy pasture…" ~Lisa Neal
"A rural heaven and reflections of unhurried times… Sammy the pig is one lucky fellow!" ~Gail
"Lightning bugs, bird filled sky, evenings of quiet togetherness…this farm is enchanting. ~The Ryan’s
"The spirit of Norman Rockwell is alive and well at CWI." ~A. Glassbrook
" It was here I discovered the beauty of my family again." ~The Kohl’s
"I always leave the same…wanting one day more." ~Rebecca
"Every detail to make a getaway here memorable and to fill ones senses with God’s magnificent work of nature." ~A. Hart
"…Four days in a child’s paradise." ~L. Sims
"You know you’ve done something right when you please a ten year old boy and a forty year old mom." ~L. Davis
"Now I believe in fairy tales!" ~Terry MC
"My eyes have been opened to the simpler pleasures in life…we will see you and your paradise soon." ~J. Rodriguez
"…From the wild flowers in the meadow, birds chirping outside my window and the river bubbling along, I am greatly refreshed." ~A. Hart
"You make Martha Stewart look unprepared!" ~W.O. Fine
"To be surrounded by God’s creations and to reflect on His qualities shown by them… we shall return." ~The Gray Family
"…A spot of joy in the midst of all the chaos." ~B. Worley
"This truly is a magical place…I’ve got to leave now, but will always cherish this place." ~Madeline
"We came here to reconnect as a family and get away from the business of our life…this is the perfect spot to do that!" ~The Rose’s
"Our wedding at The Chapel in The Woods was so close to heaven…" ~The Townley’s
"The full moon and the deer in the field were lagniappe!" ~Irene
"…could hardly choose between climbing trees, tire swing, barnyard and the river. We were racing from one outdoor delight to another. To see my little girl spend a spring morning in your bluebonnet meadow was the best of blessings!" ~Barbara
"Discover the beauty of your family while sharing in the simpler pleasures of life…bird song mornings, fire fly evenings and good ol’ fashion fun inbetween." ~a guest
"When I walked through the door, I felt I was in Maple grove in Little House on the Prairie…what you provide here is priceless." ~J. Hastings
"It was magical wondering through the woods looking at flowers, butterflies, setting rainbows and little happy children running around chasing geese! Thank you, your place is awesome." ~Corbin

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