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 The Prairie House

Century old farmhouse renovated into 2 wings, complete with double locked privacy door and 2 front porches overlooking the meadow and wooded hill. 

South Wing has 2 bedrooms, with 1 full bed in each room.   Old fashioned kitchen and large living room.  Unique  rock shower bathroom with rock floor!  $150/$175  Click here to reserve the South Wing .

North Wing has 2 bedrooms with 1 full bed in each room.  Small kitchen and claw foot tub/shower.  $150/$175  Click here to reserve the North Wing.

South Wing

North Wing

"The spirit of Norman Rockwell
is alive and well at the CWI."
-G. Glasbrook, Dallas

South Wing

North Wing

Grace in Pasture


"My eyes have been opened to the simple pleasures of life.
We shall see you and your paradise soon."
-J. Rodriquez

Country Woods Inn
Glen Rose, Texas




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